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Because of the alleged danger of such sites as, Malwarebytes tries to block these sites. The fact is I have been using for about ten years.

Their service is flawless, they fill my prescriptions with EXACTLY THE SAME MEDICATION as I can get in the States. Same box, same everything. And in all this time never once have I experienced anything but good reactions from taking these medicines. The only difference is that these medicines are about 1/2 price -- the same as the rest of the world pays, compared to what Big Pharma extorts from US Citizens.

Big Pharma warns all and sundry that these medicines are DANGEROUS. Wrong! So I have overridden Malwarebytes' block, which is nothing more than their obeisance to Big Pharma. Genuine danger is different from political danger.

Malwarebytes should be ashamed of itself!

Paul R. Cooper:

Product or Service Mentioned: Malwarebytes Anti-malware Software.

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